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Contest runs from August 19, 2019 through September 30, 2019
** All entries must be based on characters from the Hybrid Zero universe. But there are no limits as to style. You like Hentai? Give us your Hentai. You like Chibi? Bust it out. You think Andrew Wyeth was the god of images? Hang your watercolors online.
** All entries must be emailed to BillMcScifi (at)
** All entries will be posted online on October 1, 2019.
** Fans will have two weeks to vote for the top five entries.
** Judges, to be announced, will select the top winner.
** The winner will get a $50 Amazon gift card, an autographed poster, their work featured on a full page in issue #2 of Juggernaut, and they will receive a print copy of the comic when it's released. Hybrid Zero is a full magazine sized release and not a standard comic. Just holding it is a visual orgasm.
** The remaining four contestants will receive autographed posters and their entries will be combined to fit on a single page of issue #2 of Juggernaut. They will each receive a print copy as well.
** Hybrid Zero: Juggernaut & Hybrid Zero: Jungle Grrl are Hadithi Sambamba titles and are exclusively distributed in the U.S. by Nerdanatix, LLC.
** This contest is not to be construed as a grant of any rights. Any exploitation of the characters, commercially or otherwise, is strictly prohibited unless specifically granted in writing by the copyright owners.

Hybrid Zero Hybrid Zero Hybrid Zero
Hybrid Zero Hybrid Zero Hybrid Zero
Hybrid Zero Hybrid Zero Hybrid Zero